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Five years ago THQ was one of the videogame industry’s biggest publishers. Today, the company is struggling to stay afloat.

The troubled game maker is facing a possible delisting from the Nasdaq stock exchange, announced the layoff of 240 employees Wednesday and slashed its CEO’s salary in half for the next year as sales have plummeted. Further, last week the company announced plans to abandon the once lucrative children’s licensed games business to focus on titles for a core audience.


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Troubled publisher THQ is massively reorganizing itself yet again, but is the elimination of its licensed kids’ games and 240 members of its staff enough to convince shareholders that the company means it this time?

The cloud hovering over THQ’s corporate head got a lot darker Wednesday – and the long-term forecast is pretty uncertain.

While there’s certainly nothing happy about 240 employees losing their jobs and it’s never a good sign when a CEO slashes his own salary, the actions could be the start of what THQ needs to do to ensure its long-term survival. But they may not be the end.

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