Gaming Industry’s Latest Idea: Free Games

Since kixeyethe days of the Atari 2600, the video game industry has stuck to the same formula: Consumers buy console hardware, then purchase each game separately – at prices ranging from $20 in the 1970s to $60 today.

But the changing nature of the industry has made some question that model. Increasingly, players are balking at the high price of titles, opening the door for the mobile market to grow. That sort of defection isn’t especially surprising with casual players (who have always tended to chase bargains) — but with core players beginning to rethink their buying habits, the industry is being forced to evolve.


Investors double down on Zynga’s gambling ambitions

Not zynga-logotoo long ago, Zynga looked like a video game company that was dabbling in the gambling world. But more and more, it’s looking like the reverse might be true, with the type of gaming most closely associated with Las Vegas and Atlantic City moving to the forefront.

It’s no secret that Zynga’s stock has fallen far below its initial offering price. Lately, though, shares have seen two significant bumps–an 8 percent climb Monday and 10 percent climb on Feb 8. In both circumstances, it was the possible legalization of online gambling that drove the climbs.

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Invisibility cloak ‘appears’ at TED Talks

The invisibility-cloak-top630Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone may still be locked away in J. K. Rowling’s imagination, but the third Deathly Hallow made a rare appearance on stage in Long Beach this week.

Baile Zhang, an assistant professor of physics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, showed off his “invisibility cloak” on Monday at the TED2013 talks in Long Beach.

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Meet the NFL prospect that learned football from Madden video game

Margus margus-huntHunt is a familiar name for fans of Southern Methodist University football. As a Mustang, he broke the SMU record for blocked kicks, deflecting eight in his first 14 games. He was also the MVP of the 2012 Hawaii Bowl.

At 6’8″ and 277 pounds, he’ll likely be just as familiar to NFL fans in the coming years. But at this year’s NFL Combine, Hunt revealed a secret to his success that no one saw coming: If it hadn’t been for EA’s Madden series, he might never have played football at all.

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Playstation 4 questions linger

While ps4_630_v2Sony formally unveiled the PlayStation 4 at its media event Wednesday night, it left plenty of questions unanswered.

Much of that was deliberate. After all, the system won’t hit store shelves until the holidays — a good 9 months off — and the company’s marketing machine needs to keep some of its powder dry. But Sony ignored several concerns during its two-hour press conference, many of which remain top of mind for those interested in the next-generation console.

Luckily, Sony addressed a few of these following the reveal. Here’s the lowdown on a handful of big issues.

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Sony unveils PlayStation 4

After variety-logoseven years, Sony is ready to pull the plug on the PlayStation 3, clearing shelves this fall for the PlayStation 4.

As expected, the PS4 features improved graphics performance over its predecessor, but unlike the PS3, which relied on hardware superiority to woo customers, the new system will focus on other elements as well to lure players away from competing consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo — as well as platforms from Apple and other companies. No price has yet been disclosed.

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Sony unveils PlayStation 4, coming holiday 2013

After ps4_630_v2almost a year of rumors and whispers, Sony has finally revealed the worst kept secret in gaming: The PlayStation 4 is on the way.

At a lavish press event in New York, the company showed off its next-generation console, a system it hopes will lure people away not only from competing machines from Microsoft and Nintendo, but from smart phones, tablets and other new gaming platforms. It will be released this holiday season, though the company didn’t announce a price.

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