Top 10 wearable tech gadgets to watch in 2015

Google has gone back to the drawing board with Glass, but wearable technology—an up-and-coming product class for the past few years—finally seems poised to burst into the mainstream. Once restricted to the athletically… Continue reading

Where can Amazon legally fly its drones?

The Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed drone rules clip the wings of Amazon’s Prime Air delivery service in the United States, but the online retailer could be eyeing other countries for testing to keep… Continue reading

Oscar and Social Media: An Organic Marriage

Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie was the most buzzed-about moment of last year’s Oscars — reaching a level of popularity so quickly that it managed to break Twitter. But what a lot of people don’t… Continue reading

Another snow storm on the way, PlowTracker and SnowOps Viewer ride to the rescue

By any conceivable measure, it has been a particulary vicious winter across the U.S. Buffalo kicked things off with a 70-inch plus storm last November. Syracuse has seen snow continuously since Jan. 29.… Continue reading

Tapped In: The sweet taste of sour beers makes a comeback

Valentine’s Day may be generally associated with sweetness, but if you want to win the heart of a craft beer lover, sour is the way to go this year. Tangy, sour tasting beers… Continue reading

Tapped in: Craft breweries usher in a beer can revival

Eighty years ago, the beer industry had a breakthrough. The Gottfried Krueger brewery in Richmond, Va, working with the American Can Co., was the first beer maker to put beer in a can—and… Continue reading

Investment firm buys Sony’s online gaming division

Columbus Nova is expanding its footprint in the video game business. The New York-based investment firm has purchased Sony Online Entertainment, which is responsible for massively multiplayer online games like “EverQuest,” “PlanetSide” and… Continue reading

Did Budweiser misfire with its anti-craft beer Super Bowl ad?

Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial reuniting a lost puppy with its best friend, a member of the company’s iconic Clydesdale horse squad, might have melted hearts Sunday night, but the company’s other ad choice… Continue reading

A video game perfectly predicted Super Bowl score

Forget the oddsmakers, if you really want to know who’s going to win the big game, break out your copy of Madden. The long-running Electronic Arts videogame franchise, in its annual prediction of… Continue reading

Tesla, Apple and…electronic sex toys? How porn stars would invest $10,000

When it comes to the right place to invest your money, everyone has a suggestion. That’s true in the world of adult entertainment as well. Last week, as the stars and superstars of… Continue reading