Venezuela Bolivar Worth Less Than ‘World of Warcraft’ Currency

Venezuela’s real world currency – the bolivar – is worth less than fake gold in Azeroth, the mythical setting of World of Warcraft. At least, that’s the case if you judge the black market… Continue reading

Last stands of 7 retail brands struggling to survive

For most people, the neighborhood Blockbuster is fast becoming a distant memory. But in Eagle River, Alaska, they’re still going strong. Generally, when a chain shuts down, it shuts down completely. But every… Continue reading

Here, kitty kitty: Monopoly rolls out its new token

(Editor’s note: This story originally ran on Yahoo! Games in Sept. 2013. The site has since been dismantled, but I’ve had numerous requests from teachers to republish it, as it’s used as a… Continue reading

The Hotel Industry Is Becoming More High-Tech

The future hotel room is already here. Meet your robot butlers, mechanical mini-bar, and other high-tech gadgets hotels are starting to use. Read more at Fortune: The Hotel Industry Is Becoming More High-Tech

‘Breaking Bad’ Virtual Reality Project for Sony PlayStation

The saga of Walter White may not be over just yet. Vince Gilligan, creator of “Breaking Bad,” is teaming with Sony’s PlayStation division to create a non-game, virtual reality exp… Read more at… Continue reading

E3: Virtual reality isn’t really catching on with gamers

A year ago virtual reality was the hot thing at the E3 video game conference. This year, things are a bit different. Read more at E3: Virtual reality isn’t really catching on… Continue reading

Ubisoft’s Threat of a Hostile Takeover Is Far From Overt

Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s Yves Guillemot is getting to be an expert at fighting off hostile takeovers. Read more at Ubisoft’s Threat of a Hostile Takeover Is Far From Over 

Here’s the $34 Billion Video Game Maker That Is Taking Giant Leaps

By any reasonable measure, things are pretty good at video game maker Electronic Arts these days. Last month, the company’s stock topped $100 for the first time and now trades at close to $110… Continue reading

Microsoft Must Do This If It Wants to Stop Sony’s Playstation Juggernaut

At E3, Microsoft and Nintendo are desperately trying to challenge the PlayStation 4. Read more at Microsoft Must Do This If It Wants to Stop Sony’s Playstation Juggernaut 

E3 preview: Video game industry makes a big gamble

E3, the video game industry’s annual trade show, has historically been a closed-door affair. Initially an event where back-room deals took place, the show later evolved into a more marketing-driven affair, where big… Continue reading