Video Game Sales Rebound—Good News for Earnings?

The turnaround may finally have arrived for the video game industry. March sales were up 6 percent compared with the 2009 numbers, marking the only positive growth the industry has seen since September… Continue reading

Video game sales turn the corner in March

Finally! After a year that has seen only one sales-positive month, video games rebounded in March, with a 10 percent jump in software sales. Hardware sales were a less happy story, in part… Continue reading

ABC’s iPad crush

It was no surprise that Disney-owned ABC was one of the first media companies to embrace the iPad. Steve Jobs, after all, is a prominent board member. But now that the first numbers… Continue reading

Caan strives to give indie filmmakers a break with Openfilm

With consolidation sweeping through the film industry and indie shingles closing down at a rapid clip, it’s harder than ever for budding filmmakers to get a break. But a new Website that counts… Continue reading

Activision & Electronic Arts: More Than A Video Game War

Every industry has its rivals: Two big companies duking it out for customer loyalty and king of the hill status. In the cell phone world, it’s AT&T vs. Verizon. In the computer world,… Continue reading

And away we go…

I’ve never been a good self-promoter. I prefer to keep my head down and work, but one of the necessities of the freelance life is making sure your stories are read – and… Continue reading