Disney signs up for Sony’s Move controller

So far, the only games we’ve heard about that will take advantage of Move, Sony’s motion sensor controller, have been internal studios. Now, Disney has joined the team.  Disney Interactive Studios plans to utilize… Continue reading

New Security Concerns Floating Around in Cloud Computing

While cloud computing might be one of the hottest trends in tech these days, it’s not without risks. Both consumers and businesses face hazards that most proponents have been reluctant to discuss. Think of… Continue reading

The movies meet Foursquare

Foursquare, a location-based application that rewards points and badges to users, is one of the fastest growing iPhone apps on the market. Now, another company is taking the framework of that technology and… Continue reading

‘Halo’ Video Game Makers Align With Activision

Bungie Studios, the development house behind one of the most successful franchises in video games, has found a new home—and Activision may be on the verge of having its third billion-dollar franchise. Bungie and… Continue reading

Activision faces another “Modern Warfare 2” lawsuit

Less than two months after the founders of Infinity Ward sued Activision over (among other things) unpaid royalties, over three dozen staffers of the development studio are following in their footsteps. 38 current… Continue reading

Activision’s Legal Woes Continue – and Get Uglier

The fight that kicked off when Activision fired the two heads of the studio behind last year’s best selling video game is getting uglier—on multiple fronts. Thirty-eight current and former employees of Infinity Ward, the… Continue reading

Windows Media Center coming to the set-top box?

Microsoft is looking to expand the footprint of its Windows 7 Media Center – and that could have folks at Tivo real nervous.   The company today announced that it was releasing what… Continue reading

Supreme Court to review vidgame law

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to review a California law banning sale or rental of violent games to children is raising concern within the videogame industry, which has a great deal at stake… Continue reading

Industry reactions to the Supreme Court’s video game decision

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear arguments on a California law prohibiting the sale or rental of violent video games to minors that a lower body had ruled unconstitutional has the industry chattering… Continue reading

Supreme Court to review violent video game sales

The debate over whether violent video games are bad for minors is going in front of the Supreme Court. The Court on Monday agreed to review a California law that bans the sale… Continue reading