Video game court case has big implications for industry

For the first time, the US Supreme Court plans to take a closer look at the constitutional protection of video games. The Court agreed Monday to review a California law prohibiting the sale… Continue reading

Need a new job? Play a video game!

Looking to get a new job or secure a promotion at the office? Try playing a round of Modern Warfare 2 or spending some time in World of Warcraft. While, technically, neither in and of… Continue reading

Now Redbox will delay new DVD releases

Netflix isn’t the only movie rental service that has agreed to delay giving its customers new releases. Redbox has struck a deal with Twentieth Century Fox and Universal to wait 28 days before… Continue reading

7 tips for a home sale in a soft market

Making a home sale has never been a lot of fun — but in this economy, it’s even worse. If you’ve followed the usual chestnuts about boosting curb appeal and staging your living room… Continue reading

Constantin Films vs. the Internet

Stories about film studios that have had YouTube rip down videos featuring copyrighted works are a dime a dozen, but it’s not that often that you see the surfers of the Web unite… Continue reading

Why don’t players finish games?

If the majority of an audience walked out of a movie before it was over, Hollywood would be buzzing. But when a player quits a video game midway through, it’s not just unsurprising,… Continue reading

MLB Games to Stream Live on PS3

Major League Baseball is coming to the PlayStation3,but it has nothing to do with videogames. Sony and MLB Advanced Media have announced a deal that will see live games streamed live over the console effective… Continue reading

MLB comes to PS3

Microsoft and Sony have been waging war over whose gaming system has more mass-market features since the beginning of this generation. Score the latest round to Sony.  The company and Major League Baseball… Continue reading

Xbox thinking about its own TV channel?

It’s no secret that Microsoft has always had broader plans for the Xbox 360 than video games, but a new report from Bloomberg indicates the company may be thinking of something much more… Continue reading

What the…? Martha Stewart: The video game

That headline wasn’t a typo. Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Majesco Entertainment have partnered up to bring the doyenne of domestic duties to the video game space. “Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia offers a vast… Continue reading