Mandalay’s Guber lands Board seat at Demand Media

Demand Media, the company behind online hits such as eHow, and Cracked, is expanding its reach, adding both Hollywood and Internet heavyweights to its board of directors. Peter Guber, chair of Mandalay… Continue reading

Atari founder returns to his roots

Nolan Bushnell, the man who founded Atari in 1972 and was booted from it six years later, is back again. Atari has named Bushnell to its board of directors and said it hopes… Continue reading

Virtual horse nets Blizzard potential $3.5 million (or more) – in 24 hours

When Blizzard Entertainment put the “Celestian Steed” mount up for sale in its “World of Warcraft” store Thursday, it was quite clear: The virtual horse wouldn’t give players any new abilities; it would… Continue reading

Will the last person at Infinity War please turn out the lights?

We’ve covered the problems at Activision since the abrupt firing of Jason West and Vince Zampella fairly regularly. And since Monday’s news that the duo had started a new development house and aligned themselves… Continue reading

Video Game Sales Rebound—Good News for Earnings?

The turnaround may finally have arrived for the video game industry. March sales were up 6 percent compared with the 2009 numbers, marking the only positive growth the industry has seen since September… Continue reading

Video game sales turn the corner in March

Finally! After a year that has seen only one sales-positive month, video games rebounded in March, with a 10 percent jump in software sales. Hardware sales were a less happy story, in part… Continue reading

ABC’s iPad crush

It was no surprise that Disney-owned ABC was one of the first media companies to embrace the iPad. Steve Jobs, after all, is a prominent board member. But now that the first numbers… Continue reading

Caan strives to give indie filmmakers a break with Openfilm

With consolidation sweeping through the film industry and indie shingles closing down at a rapid clip, it’s harder than ever for budding filmmakers to get a break. But a new Website that counts… Continue reading

Activision & Electronic Arts: More Than A Video Game War

Every industry has its rivals: Two big companies duking it out for customer loyalty and king of the hill status. In the cell phone world, it’s AT&T vs. Verizon. In the computer world,… Continue reading

And away we go…

I’ve never been a good self-promoter. I prefer to keep my head down and work, but one of the necessities of the freelance life is making sure your stories are read – and… Continue reading