Sony: Expect PlayStation VR shortages

Sony’s taking pains not to compare the launch of PlayStation VR to that of a new video game console, but Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is warning fans… Continue reading

Can Video Games Teach Kids Fiscal Responsibility

Can’t get your kids to quit playing video games? Good news: Depending on what they’re playing, they might actually be learning to be smarter about money. Granted, games like “Mario Kart” or “Doom”… Continue reading

‘Grand Theft Auto’ maker ambivalent about VR

You can’t walk 15 feet down the halls of the E3 show floor without someone thrusting a virtual reality headset at you this year. If there’s one overlying theme at the videogame trade… Continue reading

EA’s strategy to maintain its momentum

In his three-year run as CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson has done the seemingly impossible. In 2013, core gamers held a hostile view of the company – and investors weren’t much happier.… Continue reading

Rough skies may be ahead for Activision’s ‘Skylanders’

Five years ago, Activision created another multi-billion dollar empire with “Skylanders” — a brilliant fusion of video games and real world toys that immediately captivated players of all ages and engaged young players… Continue reading

Ubisoft CEO open to a merger – but not with Vivendi

The CEO of Ubisoft said he’s confident the French videogame publisher will be able to fend off a move by Vivendi to obtain a seat on the company’s board of directors. However, he… Continue reading

‘Doom,’ ‘Fallout’ creator dives into virtual reality

The video game publisher that accuses Oculus of stealing its intellectual property to create its flagship virtual reality headset isn’t planning to stay on the sidelines as VR games grab a foothold in… Continue reading

Microsoft unveils plans for new Xbox

Microsoft is ready to move the Xbox to the next generation. The company on Monday unveiled a new Xbox One system — code named Project Scorpio — that retains many of the features of… Continue reading

EA lays out ‘Star Wars’ gaming road map

Electronic Arts wants the video game world to know how dedicated it is to “Star Wars.” But don’t look for a new title this year. The software publisher laid out a road map… Continue reading

Adoption’s Nightmare Scenario: Fraud

Any adoption of a child through a birth mother arrangement is a stressful process for the prospective parents. Beyond the usual worries that accompany a pregnancy, there’s the looming chance that the birth… Continue reading