Chris Morris is an acclaimed writer and editor specializing in the video game and consumer electronics industries. He has covered both fields since 1996, offering analysis of news and trends and breaking several major stories, including the existence of the Game Boy Advance and the first details on “Half-Life 2” (after a five year cone of silence from the developer).Chris Morris headshot1

Chris is also a veteran financial journalist with more than 30 years of experience, over 20 of which were spent with some of the Internet’s biggest sites. As Director of Content Development, he was a key part of the senior management team that helped grow CNNMoney.com to one of the most prominent financial sites online. Later, as Managing Editor of Yahoo! Finance, he orchestrated changes that resulted in a 61 percent increase in unique users in less than a year, climbing from 11.7 million to 18.8 million. While there, he was also responsible for maintaining relationships with over 30 editorial partners. He also has extensive experience in newspaper, magazine and radio.

Today, he works with a number of clients including (but not limited to) Fortune, Nasdaq.com, Fast Company, AARP, Digital Trends, CNBC and Common Sense Media, in addition to white-label writing. His work has also appeared on the web sites of USA Today, Fox Business, the Chicago Tribune, Fidelity and several other sites.

Gamespot.com has referred to him as “one of the most game-savvy reporters in the mainstream media” and his work is cited regularly by other media outlets. He has appeared on The CBS Evening News, CNN, CNBC, CNN Headline News, CNN International, CNNfn, G4 and Spike TV. He is a frequent radio commentator, having been asked to discuss gaming and financial matters on more than a dozen stations around the country, including WGST (Atlanta), KNEW (San Francisco), KOGO (San Diego), and WREC (Memphis). He also spent six years hosting nationally syndicated reports on gaming, technology and apps, which were heard on nearly 350 stations around the country. Chris has also served as a judge for the E3 Critics Awards and sat on the Board of Advisors for Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Show.

Got a pitch for a product, trend story or review? Drop a line to chris.r.morris (at) gmail (dot) com.

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