In addition to his activities as a writer, reporter and editor, Chris Morris is also a frequent panel moderator and speaker at major conferences in the consumer electronics and video game industries.

Included among the events Chris has moderated or spoken at are:

SXSW InteractiveOversaw the 2011 session “Gaming Publishing Evolution from Traditional to Digital Distribution,” with panelists from UbiSoft, GameStop and Sony Computer Entertainment America. In 2014, conceived and moderated the phenomenally popular “Big Brother Is Watching: Tracking Today’s Gamer,” with panelists from Ubisoft and Wargaming. The following year, he oversaw “The Third Age of Gaming: Exploring New Horizons”. In 2016, he envisioned and ran “Shanghai to Siberia: Finding Gaming’s Next Hotspot”. 2017 brought “Change or Die: The Risks of Trying Something New”. And in 2018, he conceived and hosted “The New Co-Op: Crowdsourcing AAA Game Development”.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he organized and was set to host one of the show’s feature conferences: “Google Ushers in the Third Age of Gaming”

Gamelab Barcelona Live 2020 Hosted a virtual fireside chat with Tim Willits on the soul of video games.

San Diego Comic Con – Hosted 2018 panel with Icon, makers of 3D printed houses, about the future of the technology and how it can be used to alleviate housing issues in everything from the third world to urban areas. The following year, I moderated a fireside chat with The Sims creator Will Wright, looking at his legacy, his creative process and what he’s planning to do in the next phase of his career.

Thin Air Park City – Participated in 2018 panel about the evolution of comic cons and how they’ve mutated over the years into gatherings that encompass the entire entertainment industry.

CES 2011 Super Session: Hollywood Creative MastersLed a discussion where top content creators discussed how digital media has impacted their work. Panelists included producer and writer Gale Anne Hurd, “Dancing with the Stars” executive producer Conrad Green and “Heroes” creator Tim Kring.

CES 2014: Next-Gen Game Consoles: The Only Set Top Box You’ll Ever Need? – Oversaw a panel discussion on the entertainment potential (both gaming and beyond) of the eighth generation of home consoles.

CES 2011: Tech You Can Take To The Bank Speaking engagement at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, focusing on the technology most likely to be mass market hits.

Variety Film Marketing SummitHeaded panels on the integration of social media into today’s entertainment landscape and what the traditional entertainment industry can learn from the video game world.

GamesBeat@Game Developer Conference  – Led discussion on disruptive innovation in the video game industry with leaders in emerging technologies.

Variety Entertainment and Technology SummitHeaded this panel at Digital Hollywood  looking at technological entertainment industry trends, including how to turn fans into marketers and the looming threat of privacy issues as Hollywood becomes more dependent on social networks.

Ziff Davis Electronic Gaming SummitSpoke to more than 100 of the most influential leaders in the video game industry about the relationship between publishers and the media – and how to improve the sometimes hostile atmosphere.

Microsoft MeltdownLed discussion with video game leaders including Valve Software’s Gabe Newell and Epic Games’ Mark Rein, about some of the biggest issues facing their industry, including used game sales and digital distribution.

Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association Executive SummitAssembled a panel of well-respected Wall St. analysts to discuss how investors look at the video game industry – and the expectations they have. 

Want to have Chris at your next event?

Drop a line to chris.r.morris (at) gmail (dot) com or contact Chris here and he will be reply within 48 hours to learn more about your needs and your audience – and to discuss ways to help build a presentation that will engage and inform your members and attendees.

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