Opinion: OnLive is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

OnLive was the first high-profile advocate of a newfangled concept called “cloud games.” With the company on the ropes, Chris Morris examines the unanswered questions surrounding OnLive’s future.

Whatever becomes of OnLive in the months and years to come, one thing is certain: Its handling of its ongoing transition (or rebirth or metamorphosis — whatever you choose to call it) is going to go down in the halls of video game infamy.

It’s a change that, in terms of confusion, has been handled about as well as the early days of the Sony hacking incident and the 2010 “shut down”/rebirth of Good Old Games. And while there is more solid information today than there was when word of the mass layoffs came about on Friday, there are still plenty on unanswered questions.

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