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Game Review: uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

The expansion of uDraw to the PS3 and Xbox 360 brings a very family friendly option to both systems and opens up the artistic side of both. This game (which is also available… Continue reading

App Review: Aquaria

Aquaria has appeared on other gaming platforms, but it feels at home on the iPad, offering an experience that is both intriguing and serene. As Naija, you’ll explore a stunning underwater world trying to… Continue reading

App Review: Beauty and the Beast: Storybook Deluxe

Sure, this app has a vested interest in getting people to buy a copy of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but don’t let that distract you from all it has to offer. Blending a… Continue reading

Game Review: James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes

James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes isn’t a great game, per se, but it’s one that has that magical quality of wanting to play just one more round. The puzzles are intriguing and the game… Continue reading

App Review: Squids

By blending the strategy and action genres (and tossing in a dash of role playing), Squids is a unique creature in the App Store. Though it presents itself as a mix of Final Fantasy and Angry… Continue reading

App Review: Super Crossfire HD

Super Crossfire has been charming people since it was an independent game on Xbox Live, but in a rare twist, it actually works better on a touch screen than it does with a controller.… Continue reading

App Review: Contract Killer: Zombies

While Contract Killer: Zombies certainly isn’t for everyone, you have to give the game credit for paying attention to the details. The graphics are fantastic, and the story and voice acting are much… Continue reading

App Review: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft’s latest homage(or, if you prefer, blatant rip-off) of the Call of Duty series might lack originality, but it has some impressive gameplay. Modern Combat 3 is definitely inappropriate for children, due to its realistic… Continue reading

App Review: Hungry Sumo

Hungry Sumo scratches the same itch that a Fruit Ninja or Doodle Jump game does. It’s overly simplistic, but utterly addictive. The goal is simple: Fatten up your sumo to defeat floating enemes (but don’t run into them… Continue reading

App Review: TRIVIAL PURSUIT Master Edition for iPad

TRIVIAL PURSUIT Master Edition for iPad certainly has all the elements of the hit trivia franchise, but while the game can be an uproarious good time in the real world, it’s a bit restrained in… Continue reading