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Game Review: Sing Party

Sing Party’s lack of sexy (or violent) videos makes it suitable for families and since the game doesn’t boo anyone off stage (no matter how tone deaf they might be), it’s fun for large… Continue reading

Game Review: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

Ninja Gaiden 3 had plenty of shortcomings when it came out for other consoles and developer Team Ninja takes several steps to correct those in this revised version of the game for the… Continue reading

App Review: NFL Flick Quarterback

It may never be accused of being a deep game, but NFL Flick Quarterback is a supremely entertaining title that is sure to please. The objective is simple: Make increasingly accurate passes and trick… Continue reading

App Review: NFL Pro 2012

While the actual football game in NFL Pro 2012 is done quite well, the intrusive and obvious push to convince people to buy game credits overshadows the work of the development team. Locking… Continue reading

App Review: Grand Theft Auto III

Let’s be very clear: Grand Theft Auto III is not — and will never be — a game for kids. The language, violence, and overt sexuality in it are entirely inappropriate for anyone under… Continue reading

App Review: Battle Nations

After playing Battle Nations for a few minutes, you’ll quickly wish this wasn’t a free app. The game is fun, even with its hit-and-miss humor and extended narrative, but if you choose not… Continue reading

App Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Activision has made billions of dollars off the Call of Duty franchise, but if more games were like Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, this is a series that would have died off long ago.… Continue reading

App Review: Blood & Glory

The gladiator setting of Blood & Glory (not to mention the app’s title) should be fair warning to parents that this is not a game for little kids. But for adults and older… Continue reading

App Review: Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a darned cute game. Mixing old school pixilated art and smart gameplay mechanics, it is a very enjoyable simulation game that brings the original SimTower game to mind. The game smartly balances tending… Continue reading

App Review: Age of Zombies Anniversary

Barry Steakfries is one of those heroes you feel you should be rooting for, but you don’t always succeed. He tries hard to come up with one-liners in this time-traveling shooter, but they’re… Continue reading