Sex Toy or Gadget?

Spurred on by Apple’s rethinking of how a computer should look and act, several new companies have launched pleasure items that aren’t as obvious as the adult novelties of bygone days. What this means, of course, is that clean, minimalistic design has infiltrated all sectors.

The pleasure objects of yore have lost their flesh tones and garish neon hues, because, honestly, no one wants those things on their nightstand. Thanks to attractive, sleek aesthetics, it’s now sometimes hard to tell the difference between sex tech and gadget tech. Can you?

Take the quiz at AOL’s

2 thoughts on “Sex Toy or Gadget?

  1. it seems like minimalist is the way to go for electronics as well as sex toys. Tenga (marketed by ) is an example where simple styles and great functions win over the traditional obscene toys. The Tenga toys look like anything but a sex toy but is selling like hotcakes worldwide. Put the Tenga Fliplite (the white one) beside your Apple iPhone (the white one) and you can see what i mean.

    • Tenga missed the cutoff for this story by a razor-thin line. There were dozens of other examples I could have included, but at some point, the length of the story/slideshow becomes a concern. (It was originally discussed in a different format and we were concerned people would get tired of clicking.)

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