Steve Case peers into the future of the Internet

Steve steve caseCase, 55, the iconic founder of America Online, a digital media company now known as AOL, has a bone to pick with today’s entrepreneurs.

Too many modern start-ups, he said, are built with the sole purpose of being sold or flipped within a few years. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a cash grab, he noted, we’re at a point in time where there are big problems to be addressed—such as health care and education—and to really make a difference in the world, you need to think long term.


AOL’s Cambio budgets big for original content

Cambio isn’t a household name amongst most adults, but your tween may be familiar with it. Now AOL’s interactive entertainment site is hoping to boost its Q factor with some high profile partnerships and a warchest earmarked for original programming.

The site re-launched today, announcing partnerships with several industry heavyweights including Mark Burnett, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Dolphin Digital Media. And while the Burnett relationship might turn the most heads, it’s the Dolphin Digital one that could have the biggest impact.

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Sex Toy or Gadget?

Spurred on by Apple’s rethinking of how a computer should look and act, several new companies have launched pleasure items that aren’t as obvious as the adult novelties of bygone days. What this means, of course, is that clean, minimalistic design has infiltrated all sectors.

The pleasure objects of yore have lost their flesh tones and garish neon hues, because, honestly, no one wants those things on their nightstand. Thanks to attractive, sleek aesthetics, it’s now sometimes hard to tell the difference between sex tech and gadget tech. Can you?

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New Security Concerns Floating Around in Cloud Computing

While cloud computing might be one of the hottest trends in tech these days, it’s not without risks. Both consumers and businesses face hazards that most proponents have been reluctant to discuss.

Think of the cloud as a central supercomputer that stores both data and applications. Instead of having to spend thousands on state-of-the-art hardware and graphics cards, you can hook into this machine via the Internet, both accessing programs and storing your files with no space limitations. It’s not without risks, though.

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