Game Review: Monopoly Collection

There are actually two stories with Monopoly Collection, since the disc contains two complete games. The original Monopoly is a video game version of the classic board game, where players take turns moving pieces around a board and buying property, ultimately trying to be the last player standing. The included “Richest Edition” tosses out the traditional rules and has players exploring various mini-games to earn properties and collect income. The game’s more fun with four human players, but the Wii can fill any empty roles with computer-controlled characters.

Monopoly Streets, the other half of the game, lets you explore the game from a street level view using avatars (including Mr. and Mrs Potato Head). The rules are essentially the same as the classic board game (though you are able to customize your own “house rules”), but rather than watching a shoe hop from space to space from a top-down perspective, you’ll see your avatar explore the 3D streets, houses, and hotels.

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