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Fonta Flora craft brewery surges to national fame

Small businesses usually have, at best, a minor impact on their hometown. They employ a few people, they pay taxes, and they certainly add a convenience factor, but as individual entities, they’re rarely… Continue reading

Despite Amazon effect, not all mom and pops in trouble on Main St.

2017 has been a rough year for retail. More than 1,000 stores closed in a single week in June, and Macy’s has cut thousands of jobs as part of the retail apocalypse. Earnings announcements by department-store… Continue reading

Last stands of 7 retail brands struggling to survive

For most people, the neighborhood Blockbuster is fast becoming a distant memory. But in Eagle River, Alaska, they’re still going strong. Generally, when a chain shuts down, it shuts down completely. But every… Continue reading

E3: Virtual reality isn’t really catching on with gamers

A year ago virtual reality was the hot thing at the E3 video game conference. This year, things are a bit different. Read more at E3: Virtual reality isn’t really catching on… Continue reading

E3 preview: Video game industry makes a big gamble

E3, the video game industry’s annual trade show, has historically been a closed-door affair. Initially an event where back-room deals took place, the show later evolved into a more marketing-driven affair, where big… Continue reading

Unveiling Xbox One X at E3, Microsoft hits reset in the console wars

Before this console generation even got underway, Microsoft found itself in the unfamiliar position of having to play defense. Read more at Unveiling Xbox One X at E3, Microsoft hits reset in… Continue reading

Memorial Day thieves steal 30,000 condoms

Thieves in Las Vegas broke into a warehouse twice and escaped with tens of thousands of condoms and over $10,000 worth of sex toys. Read more at Memorial Day thieves steal 30,000… Continue reading

10 upcoming binge-worthy shows

On a rainy Saturday, when you’re in no mood to do household chores, there is no gravitational force stronger than your couch. And thanks to streaming services that let you binge on both… Continue reading

For a workplace productivity boost, ban these 10 websites

The internet might be a valuable tool to most offices, but it’s also an incredibly efficient way to goof off. Whether it’s social media, streaming video or a random collection of funny cat… Continue reading

Experts warn of hacking threat at Rio Olympics

World-class athletes aren’t the only ones preparing for the Olympic Games. World-class cybercriminals are also hoping to walk away with some gold. Brazil is a country that was already notorious for its large… Continue reading