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Happy 15th birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

Few stars have burned as brightly — and burned out as quickly — as Sega’s Dreamcast console. Adored by players from the moment it was announced in 1998, the system was truly ahead… Continue reading

Nintendo losses continue, despite Mario Kart 8

Nintendo, earlier this year, said it was hoping games like Mario Kart 8 would spur people to buy the Wii U – and help it return to profitability. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to… Continue reading

Mario Kart 8 sells 2 million copies

The Wii U has its first certifiable smash. Mario Kart 8 has sold more than 2 million copies since its release in late May, making it the system’s biggest selling title by a… Continue reading

Mario Kart 8 gives Wii U a huge sales boost

Mario Kart 8 is proving to be quite the power-up for Nintendo’s Wii U. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Yahoo Games that the kart racer has resulted in a significant bump… Continue reading

E3: Scenes from the video game circus

E3 is a hydra. There’s so much going on at any given moment that it’s hard to keep up with everything being shown, talked about and hinted at. While the show is closed… Continue reading

E3 gaming show: What investors may have missed

The E3 after a console hardware launch is always an awkward one for investors. The excitement that surrounds new game systems often has a sweeping effect on share prices of companies in the… Continue reading

10 exciting video games to look out for

The worst part about E3 is the waiting. After ingesting a flood of information for hundreds of titles and watching their excitement levels rise to critical peaks, players now must sit back and… Continue reading

Xbox still more about games than shows

Microsoft has long painted the Xbox One as a system that’s about more than just video games, saying home entertainment is equally important. To underline that, a year ago it announced a live-action “Halo”-themed… Continue reading

Gaming’s new superstars are independent developers

Independent games don’t rule the sales charts. Their fan base is dwarfed by that of even a mid-level game put out by a major publisher. And the money they make is just a… Continue reading

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ races to next gen platforms

“Grand Theft Auto V,” which last September set entertainment industry sales records, is speeding toward the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software broke the news late Monday night at Sony’s… Continue reading