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App Review: Stupidness 3 Pro

Occasional trick questions in a game that puts itself forward as an IQ test are to be expected. But loading the game with them obliterates any fun factor — and Stupidness 3 Pro… Continue reading

App Review: Aiko Island

Aiko Island doesn’t follow the path of virtually every other game in the puzzle field and that alone makes it worthy of notice. While the game itself isn’t revolutionary (it’s a physics-based block popper,… Continue reading

Game Review: Tropico 4

Tropico 4 is a lot like Tropico 3 (which was a lot like its predecessors as well) — so if you’re looking for an innovative city-building experience, this isn’t it. There’s a strong argument to be… Continue reading

App Review: HighFlyer Death Defyer(i4)

Blending sky diving with action gaming sounds like a wonderful recipe for success, but HighFlyer Death Defyer (i4) wastes that potential with an overbearing story, terrible controls, and poor pacing. The opening tutorials go… Continue reading

App Review: Dark Meadow

While there’s no question that Dark Meadow is much too violent and scary for young players, those looking for a good scare and decent action could do a lot worse. Using the same… Continue reading

App Review: Jaws Revenge

If you’ve played Hungry Shark on your iDevice, you’ve pretty much played Jaws Revenge. While the game is infinitely better than the first game based on the Steven Spielberg film classic, it’s not really breaking any new… Continue reading

App Review: Monster Warrior

Monster Warrior makes no real effort to break new ground. It’s a proud Fruit Ninja clone, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. FIlled with monsters (that aren’t the least bit scary), it’s a… Continue reading

App Review: Find My Friends

The risks that accompany any location tracking app are present in Find My Friends, but to Apple’s credit, the company has taken several steps to mitigate risk. That said, the app is still… Continue reading

App Review: FIFA Soccer 12

Previous FIFA soccer games in the App Store have been good, but not great. FIFA Soccer 12, though, is absolutely fantastic — and may be one of the best sports games available in… Continue reading

App Review: Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense is a perfectly serviceable entry in the tower defense genre, but it doesn’t really add anything that other titles haven’t already. The enemies and defenders are, admittedly, much cuter than in most… Continue reading