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iTunes gets even stronger

Two years ago, Apple became the biggest retailer in the music industry, knocking Wal-Mart off its perch. Since then, there hasn’t been a lot of digging into how big the company has become.… Continue reading

Analyst: No iPhone for Verizon this year

There were a lot of surprised gasps this year when Apple announced the iPad’s 3G service would be provided by AT&T. Then there were a few more when the low monthly cost of… Continue reading

So much for Microsoft’s tablet – and maybe HP’s, too

Want a sign of how strong the iPad is? The device, which releases its 3G version Friday, has caused Microsoft to blink – and cancel its plans for a tablet device of its… Continue reading

The movies meet Foursquare

Foursquare, a location-based application that rewards points and badges to users, is one of the fastest growing iPhone apps on the market. Now, another company is taking the framework of that technology and… Continue reading

ABC’s iPad crush

It was no surprise that Disney-owned ABC was one of the first media companies to embrace the iPad. Steve Jobs, after all, is a prominent board member. But now that the first numbers… Continue reading