Apple, Google yank controversial plastic surgery game aimed at kids

Apple plastic-surgery-app-pulledand Google have both pulled a controversial plastic surgery ‘game’ aimed at children from their app stores after a hailstorm of criticism.

Plastic Surgery for Barbie (on iOS) and Plastic Surgery (on Android) were both removed from the storefronts this week. The games encouraged children to perform plastic surgery on an overweight girl the games described as “ugly.”

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Controversial app lets you beat up your boyfriend

Apple boyfriend-trainer-top630has a zero-tolerance policy for apps that contain nudity, and they’re usually quick to shut down any that promote violence against women. But an app that encourages girls to abuse their significant other is apparently fair game.

Boyfriend Trainer, which is available in both the App Store and the Android market, lets players slap, electrocute, or mace a virtual boyfriend for what most people would call minor transgressions, including drinking their girlfriend’s drink or leaving his shirt on the ground.

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