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9 Upcoming Movies Based on Games

Hollywood has produced tons of stellar adaptations. The Godfather was translated beautifully from Mario Puzo’s novel. Driving Miss Daisy hit no speedbumps in its move from stage to screen. The Avengers turned the… Continue reading

Review: ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ offers great fun at a not-so-great price

It might be considered a family game, but Skylanders Trap Team is something of a homewrecker. My daughter is completely in love with it and gets upset if I play without her, which… Continue reading

Gaming’s ESRB turns 20

For the past two decades, if you’ve wanted to get a video game into Wal-Mart, Target or any other brick and mortar retailer, you’ve had to go through the Entertainment Software Ratings Board… Continue reading

Happy 15th birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

Few stars have burned as brightly — and burned out as quickly — as Sega’s Dreamcast console. Adored by players from the moment it was announced in 1998, the system was truly ahead… Continue reading

Nintendo losses continue, despite Mario Kart 8

Nintendo, earlier this year, said it was hoping games like Mario Kart 8 would spur people to buy the Wii U – and help it return to profitability. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to… Continue reading

Final Fantasy Cafe set to open in Japan

Generally, when the video game world meets the real world, the results are either corny or fanboy-focused. But Square Enix’s latest venture is a different story altogether. The Final Fantasy XIV-themed Eorzea Cafe,… Continue reading

The Last of Us live performance may be better than the game

The numerous Game of the Year honors that Sony’s post-apocalyptic adventure The Last of Us took home in 2013 (including one from us) weren’t just because of the game’s tense gameplay. The story… Continue reading

Telltale: More Walking Dead is on the way

The Walking Dead, the critically acclaimed adventure game version of the multimedia zombie franchise, is shambling towards a third season. Telltale Games made the announcement at Comic-Con this weekend, delighting fans of the series,… Continue reading

Report: Google signs $1B deal to buy Twitch

Has the long-rumored merger of two online video titans finally occurred? Venturebeat is reporting Google has signed a deal to buy game-streaming service Twitch, for $1 billion. (Both companies are declining to comment… Continue reading

Play Far Cry 4 – on Mt. Everest!

Ubisoft wants to take gaming to new heights. The publisher has announced a new promotion which will let one fan play Far Cry 4 – from Mt. Everest. Read more at Yahoo! Games