13 pioneers that forever changed consumers’ lives

While iconic-upstartsthe fast pace of technology can seemingly shake up our daily routines every few weeks, seismic changes are actually fairly rare.

Most companies specialize in evolution rather than revolution, so when a real paradigm shifter appears, it’s worthy of note. Those are the sorts of firms that become icons in their industry, but becoming a disruptive force can make them a target for other companies looking to institute change of their own.

Here are a handful of businesses that have not only made people’s lives easier but upended industries in the process.

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11 inventions that could change the world

Trying world-changing-inventionsto predict the future is a fool’s game.

What seems a failure at first (like, say, the electric light) becomes indispensable. And what seems destined to succeed (Hello there, Apple Newton!) can soon become a toss-away item. So claiming any invention as a “sure bet” is an easy way to set yourself up for humiliation.

There are items, though, that certainly have the potential to dramatically impact the way people liveā€”from interacting with the world around them, to exploring deep space, to simply finding ways to survive in hostile environments.

Some have been on the market a few years; others are just gaining traction; and others, still, are in the late formulative stages, but each of these inventions has the potential to change the world as we know it today.

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