Court bans teen from playing video games

A court-bans-teenWisconsin teen who failed to listen to his parents is probably wishing he had today after a judge banned him from playing video games.

17-year-old Jeffery A. Ehlers of Mount Pleasant got a bit too excited when he was playing a game on his PlayStation 3, allegedly using obscenities when he lost. His mom didn’t care for that much, and told him to stop or she would unplug his console.

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Gamer’s death at internet cafe goes unnoticed for nine hours

It’s easy to get absorbed in a game, but it’s another thing entirely to be so absorbed that you don’t notice the guy next to you has died.

Gamers in a Taipei internet café failed to notice the newly deceased for a staggering amount of time earlier this week. Officials estimate that 23-year-old gamer Chen Rong-yu had been dead up to nine hours before anyone realized it.

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