5 beers to enjoy during American Craft Beer Week

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning if you want a can of Second Fiddle Double IPA. And if you want a glass of Pliny the Younger, you may just want to forego sleep altogether.

Roughly every two weeks, Matt Cohen, owner and brewmaster of Fiddlehead Brewing, sells cans of Second Fiddle from his Vermont brewery. It’s one of the biggest up and coming beers in the craft scene today – and is increasingly being sought by beer lovers.

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Tapped In: 8 craft beers for your Super Bowl party

This Inside A JD Wetherspoon Plc Public HouseSunday’s match-up of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is more than the epic conclusion to the NFL season — it’s a great excuse to throw a party for friends. And if you’re hosting, you don’t want to screw it up.

Last year, Americans spent just shy of $536 million on beer during the Big Game, according to Nielsen. And as we get more selective about what we drink, it’s critical to have the right choices on hand. (Interesting side note: The Super Bowl is only the ninth most-popular “beer holiday” of the year.)

Budweiser may be all over the commercial breaks — with seven planned spots — but the savvy host will offer a good assortment of craft beers. Here are a few good options that will complement the game — but don’t have an alcohol content that’s so high you’ll miss the second half.

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