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Apptastic: Matching With Friends

The team behind Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends has a new game out – and they’re hoping to devour the last minutes of your free time. Read more (and listen) at… Continue reading

Apptastic: The Chore Monster

While no kid is ever going to look forward to doing chores, the ChoreMonster app might make it a little more fun. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio

Apptastic: Picture Healing

Donating to charity can be as easy as taking a picture. PictureHealing is a photo-sharing app that lets users donate to charities of their choosing simply by uploading photos to their social media pages. Read more… Continue reading

Apptastic: Voicepic

Tagging someone in a photo on Facebook is one thing, but Voicepic lets you take things to a whole new level. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio

Apptastic: MyScript Memo

Getting a little tired of typing things on a small screen with your thumbs? The MyScript Memo app lets you handwrite your notes on your iPhone or iPad, then translates those to digital… Continue reading

Apptastic: Food Spotting

There are plenty of apps that let you review restaurants, but if you’re more interested in particular dishes, FoodSpotting might be the one for you. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio

Apptastic: 8mm Vintage Camera

Instagram made it popular to convert your high resolution digital pictures into something that looked like it was shot with something out of the 70s, so it was probably only a matter of… Continue reading

Apptastic: Song Kick Concerts

Keeping track of your favorite bands can be time consuming – and if you’re not obsessive, it’s easy to miss word that they’re coming to town. SongKick Concerts does that dirty work for… Continue reading

Apptastic: London 2012

Got Olympic fever, but finding it hard to keep track of which events start when? The London 2012 app is an unofficial guide to the Games, giving a detailed schedule of the 19… Continue reading

Apptastic: Thirst

If you’re a big Twitter user, you know the hardest thing about the social network is finding a way to read the tweets quickly and in context – especially when you’re doing so… Continue reading