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Disappointing Zynga primes for a comeback

Zynga, to many investors, is a cautionary tale. In the months preceding its 2011 IPO, some analysts estimated the company to have a market cap of $15 billion to $20 billion. At the… Continue reading

Following massive user drop, Zynga folds its gambling plans

New Zynga CEO Don Mattrick has a lot of work ahead of him. As the company continues to see users abandon its games at an alarming rate, it has reversed course on its… Continue reading

Mattrick to make at least $50 million at Zynga

Maybe Don Mattrick and Zynga were meant to be, after all. As the gaming world struggles to comprehend the move by the one-time head of Microsoft’s Xbox division to the CEO’s office of the struggling… Continue reading

Analysts applaud Mattrick’s move to Zynga

There aren’t a lot of genuine surprises in the video game world these days, but Don Mattrick’s jump from Microsoft to Zynga Monday certainly qualifies as one. Zynga has been struggling mightily since its debut… Continue reading

Can the Man Behind Xbox Save Zynga?

Don Mattrick is the hero of Microsoft’s Xbox team. It was under his leadership that the videogame console rose to the top of the market—and finally became profitable. Now, he’s hoping to pull… Continue reading

Report: Xbox chief leaving Microsoft for top spot at Zynga

Don Mattrick, the leader of Microsoft’s Xbox team since 2007, is reportedly leaving the company. All Things D reports Mattrick is close to taking the CEO position at struggling social game maker Zynga. An… Continue reading

Is Facebook gaming dying?

Not too long ago, many people believed Facebook was the Next Big Thing in gaming. Developers debated it — sometimes ferociously — at conventions, while venture capitalists couldn’t fund the companies making those… Continue reading

Did EA Bust the Social Gaming Bubble?

When Electronic Arts bought social games maker Playfish for $300 million—plus a $100 million buyout—in 2009, it sent shock waves throughout the videogame industry. Spurred by growing speculation about the value of then-private Zynga, some… Continue reading

Does a Zynga-Yahoo! merger make sense?

Zynga shares soared Monday, after an analyst’s report mentioned the social game maker was a possible candidate for a takeover — by Yahoo!, of all companies. Wunderlich Securities’ Blake Harper got the ball… Continue reading

Investors double down on Zynga’s gambling ambitions

Not too long ago, Zynga looked like a video game company that was dabbling in the gambling world. But more and more, it’s looking like the reverse might be true, with the type… Continue reading