Investors double down on Zynga’s gambling ambitions

Not zynga-logotoo long ago, Zynga looked like a video game company that was dabbling in the gambling world. But more and more, it’s looking like the reverse might be true, with the type of gaming most closely associated with Las Vegas and Atlantic City moving to the forefront.

It’s no secret that Zynga’s stock has fallen far below its initial offering price. Lately, though, shares have seen two significant bumps–an 8 percent climb Monday and 10 percent climb on Feb 8. In both circumstances, it was the possible legalization of online gambling that drove the climbs.

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Zynga’s biggest gamble yet

With news of another pair of executives bolting from Zynga Monday, it seems time to start focusing on who’s filling those increasingly empty seats, rather than who’s left in them.

While chief technical officer Allan Leinwand and chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Karp explore other pastures, the pressure is about tostart mounting on Maytal Ginzburg, who came on board at the end of last month to fill the chief operating officer position left vacant by John Schappert’s unceremonious departure from the company.

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