Rare Legend of Zelda cartridge is now the world’s most expensive video game

Tom Curtin didn’t get what he was asking for one of the rarest video games ever found, but you won’t hear him complaining too much about that.

Earlier this week, Curtin launched an eBay auction for an exceptionally hard-to-find The Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge. The price? A whopping $150,000. That proved too steep, but a buyer quickly stepped forward and offered $55,000 — and just like that, there was a new record for the most expensive video game in the world.

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Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge is all yours for $150,000

One of the most beloved games of all time is now one of the most insane auctions of all time.

An exceedingly rare prototype cartridge of the NES classic The Legend of Zelda has popped up on eBay, along with a sealed copy of the original game. The asking price for this pair? $150,000. That’s in U.S. dollars, not rupees.

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