Game legend’s NYC home is a geek’s dream

You garriot-homewouldn’t expect a man who calls himself ‘Lord British’ to live somewhere mundane — and game design guru Richard Garriott’s homes certainly defy that description.

His Austin castle — yes, castle — is a thing of legend, complete with secret passages, a waterfall, a carousel and an observatory. But it turns out his New York pad is just as cool.

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Meet the robot that runs a game studio

Richard Garriott’s a busy guy. He’s a newlywed. He’s a private astronaut. He’s building a mansion while selling his old one. He’s currently living in New York while running a 25-person game development studio based in Austin, Texas.

It’s clearly a lot for one man to handle. That’s why the man many still think of as Lord British has a robot helping him make sure everything is attended to.

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For sale: Ultima creator’s Texas castle

Richard Garriott has always lived in a slightly different world than the rest of us. He’s the creator of the revolutionary Ultima role-playing series. He’s an astronaut. And he lives in one of the coolest houses in Texas.

Or used to live there, at least.

Garriott’s epic digs can now be yours — if you’ve got a spare $4 million lying around.

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A Postcard From SXSW: A New ‘Lord British’ Game In The Texas Sun

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris reports from this year’s South by Southwest, discovering a Richard Garriott-pitched Lord British social game and a host of other game-related aspects to the Texas media conference.

Music and film might be the dominant forms of entertainment on display at this year’s South by Southwest gathering, but gaming culture is definitely elbowing its way into the party.

Public game demos and several seminars examining the state of the industry have been on display at the Austin Convention Center since Friday – and some developers (including Richard Garriott) are even using the event to announce new titles.

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