Russia’s Kalashnikov now Made in the USA

Kalashnikov cnbcAK-47s are legendary in the gun world, but as of last July 16, imports of the weapon were banned—part of the economic sanctions put into place against Russia after its suspected role in the downing of a Malaysian passenger jetliner over Ukraine.

The U.S. distributor of the weapons may have found a loophole, though—by making the guns here.


The Sims 4 gets adults only rating in Russia

Generally, sims4when you start a list of controversial, adults only video games, The Sims is nowhere to be found.

In Russia, though, it’s towards the top of the list, apparently. The Sims 4, the latest in the long-running EA series, has been given an 18+ rating in the country – the equivalent of the dreaded AO in the U.S.

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