4 myths about small-business America

There’s SmallBizMythsa lot of misinformation floating around about mom-and-pop stores these days.

The devastating effects of the recession on the U.S. small-business sector were well documented, but as the recovery has progressed, its impact on mom-and-pop stores has been discussed less.

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10 essential apps for entrepreneurs

The essential-apps-entrepreneursright app won’t make or break a start-up, of course, but it can make the lives of the people behind those businesses a lot easier.

Entrepreneurs, by and large, live fast-paced, chaotic lives, where decisions have to be made quickly and inspiration can come in the most unlikely of places. They live and die by their smartphones and tablets, so it helps to have those equipped with apps that can make the most of every minute, in turn helping their businesses grow.

Here are 10 apps many entrepreneurs swear by. The best part: Most are free.

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