Skylanders claims a trio of sales records

The Skylanders-SWAP-ForceSkylanders are quickly becoming one of Activision’s most valuable franchises.

As part of its earnings call yesterday, Activision noted that the franchise has crossed $2 billion in worldwide sales – a mark no series put out by an independent publisher has ever hit that quickly. But that was just the first of the records.

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Critics: Swap Force is the best Skylanders yet

A Skylanders-SWAP-Forcesimple twist is having a big impact on Skylanders.

Swap Force, the latest installment in Activision’s enormously successful toy/game hybrid, is the franchise’s highest-rated game to date, charming even critics who normally scoff at family-friendly titles.

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Skylanders: Swap Force kicks off video game toy war

Even Skylanders-SWAP-Forcebefore the first Skylanders game hit shelves in 2011, the team at Activision was bracing for competition.

The concept — marry action figures with video games — was largely untested, and while the company bean counters were cautiously optimistic about the prospects for such a hybrid, there were no guarantees. But the developers had already started a countdown.

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