The revenge of the hard video game

If dark-souls-2you’ve spent any time with recent release Dark Souls II, you’ve doubtlessly asked why, exactly, you’re putting yourself through the game’s particular brand of torture.

It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s controller-throwingly difficult. To call it challenging is akin to calling this past winter “a bit nippy.” If someone new to gaming were to spend five minutes with it, they’d walk away and never look back.

And that’s exactly how it was designed.

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10 terrifying new horror games

Things slenderare getting scary in the video game world – and that’s a good thing.

The horror game genre, which for the past few years has been relegated to familiar franchises and cheap knock-offs, is enjoying something of a renaissance. From big-budget studios to mom-and-pop indies, developers far and wide are pulling out all the stops just to freak you out. If you’re looking for some interactive Halloween scares — or are just a fan of giving yourself the willies — check out these 10 current and upcoming horror games.

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