Scenes From the Adult Entertainment Expo

Every 100391685-adult-entertainment-expo-cover.600x400January, the adult entertainment industry converges on Las Vegas, bringing its biggest stars, new companies hoping to break into the big time, and thousands upon thousands of fans.

It’s a carnival of flesh ā€” with films looping hardcore scenes, women in barely-there outfits and lingerie, and people jostling in line to get a moment, perhaps a smile and a hug, from their favorite actress (or, occasionally, actor).

The Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is also a place where deals are signed. Toy companies court distributors to carry their new lines and big mergers have been known to happen here.

While the industry’s most ardent fans make a pilgrimage here each year, not everyone is able to make the trip. For those people, here’s a slice of life in a day at the porn show.


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