Tesla, Apple and…electronic sex toys? How porn stars would invest $10,000

When PornStarInvestingAdviceit comes to the right place to invest your money, everyone has a suggestion. That’s true in the world of adult entertainment as well.

Last week, as the stars and superstars of the porn world walked the red carpet before the AVN Awards—the industry’s equivalent of the Oscars—CNBC decided to ask them how they’d invest if they had a little spare cash lying around.

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Scenes From the Adult Entertainment Expo

Every 100391685-adult-entertainment-expo-cover.600x400January, the adult entertainment industry converges on Las Vegas, bringing its biggest stars, new companies hoping to break into the big time, and thousands upon thousands of fans.

It’s a carnival of flesh — with films looping hardcore scenes, women in barely-there outfits and lingerie, and people jostling in line to get a moment, perhaps a smile and a hug, from their favorite actress (or, occasionally, actor).

The Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is also a place where deals are signed. Toy companies court distributors to carry their new lines and big mergers have been known to happen here.

While the industry’s most ardent fans make a pilgrimage here each year, not everyone is able to make the trip. For those people, here’s a slice of life in a day at the porn show.

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10 Porn Stars Who Went Mainstream

While plenty of adult stars dream of making the transition to traditional acting, their dreams rarely become reality. Hollywood — and mainstream culture, in general — tend to segregate the men and women of porn, keeping them at arm’s length.

But there are some performers whose drive, persistence and fan base lets them break through. Some make it onto the big screen. Others take a different path. But by the time they’re done, their names are known by a much wider audience than they started with. Here are 10 who have managed to make the transition to ‘civilian’ celebrity.

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Porn Pros Turn To Liquor—For Second Career

Cindy Taylor knows her days in her current job are limited.

While her alter ego of Jesse Jane is one of the most popular porn stars in the industry, the hard truth is that the adult entertainment industry’s audience has tastes that change regularly. And there’s always someone looking to knock the leaders off of their perch.

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