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Apptastic: Draw Something

You know you’ve got a hit app on your hands when Zynga shells out $170 million to buy you. The makers of Draw Something received that huge payday just weeks after their app… Continue reading

Apptastic: iPhoto

With so many photo editing apps available, it was only a matter of time before Apple stepped in with one of its own. iPhoto takes the popular editing suite from the Mac to the iDevice… Continue reading

Apptastic: Pintrest

You may have heard people talking about Pinterest. It’s one of the fastest growing apps since FourSquare, but if you’re still unsure what it’s about, here’s a quick rundown. Read more (and listen)… Continue reading

Apptastic: Karma

Ever realized at the very last minute that you’ve forgotten to buy a gift? With the Karma app, you’re covered. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio

Apptastic: Moshcam

It’s easy enough to watch movies on your smartphone, but what about concerts? Moshcam is a free app that features over 1,200 hours of live music from a wide variety of bands. Read more (and listen)… Continue reading

Apptastic: Angry Birds Space

The Angry Birds are back – and this time, they’re in orbit. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio

Apptastic: Happy Hours

Whether you drink or not, you know you can save a lot of money at restaurants during happy hour. The trick has been knowing exactly when that time is, since it varies from… Continue reading

Apptastic: Blinkmaster

There are plenty of brainteaser games in the app store, but BlinkMaster is a bit of a different beast. The game flashes nine clues on screen – some easy, some hard – then challenges you… Continue reading

Apptastic: Vocre

Instant translation used to be something straight out of Star Trek, but now a new app has made it reality. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio

Apptastic: The Roamz App

Even if you’re a local, it’s hard to keep up with everything going on around your community. Roamz is a location-based app that lets you know what’s happening in your area. Read more… Continue reading