‘Angry Birds’ creator’s profits cut in half

The Angry birdsbirds aren’t the only angry things at Rovio headquarters today. Executives likely aren’t too thrilled, either.

Profits at the studio behind the Angry Birds juggernaut fell by nearly 50 percent in 2013, sliding from $76.8 million to $37.3 million. That drop came despite more money actually coming into the company’s coffers. Revenues were up by just under $5 million last year.

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Pink Angry Bird gets her own spin-off

The angry-birds-stellaAngry Birds juggernaut is spinning off another property.

Rovio has unveiled Angry Birds Stella, a multimedia project that centers around the pink, female bird made famous by the original series. It will also introduce a new band of companions to keep her company.

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Peter Levin on Scandinavia’s Rise to Mobile Gaming Supremacy

The GeekChicDaily Presents GeekChicLAearly advisor to Rovio talks to THR about how the region’s focus on mobile design, social integration and upselling features led to Candy Crush and Angry Birds: “These games fill that bite-size need sitting on a line, on a tarmac, in a waiting room, or during a commercial.”

The rise of mobile gaming has created a new center of power in the gaming world: Scandinavia.

Led by companies such as Rovio (Angry Birds) and Supercell (Clash of Clans), developers there are leading the way in mobile aesthetics, gameplay and monetization.

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Angry Birds next adventure? Kart racing

The angry-birds-goAngry Birds are leaving the nest — and the slingshot.

On Tuesday, Rovio introduced the next installment in the ridiculously popular mobile gaming series, which sees the birds and their porcine nemeses take to the track. Angry Birds Go! is a free-to-play kart racing game, filled with the upgrades and special powers you’ve come to expect from the genre.

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Australian man uses Angry Birds to pop the question

If Angry-Birds-Logoyou’re one of the many players of Angry Birds Friends, the socially-inclined latest chapter in the hit series, this week’s Level Three might have thrown you for a loop.

There’s no elaborately challenging layer of obstacles. The pigs are ridiculously easy to hit. And written across the screen are the words “Marry Me Mel – Ben.”

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Angry Birds movie landing in 2016

Been angry-birds-movie-top630sitting on the edge of your nest waiting for that big screen adaptation of Angry Birds? You might want to get comfortable.

The good news is that Rovio has finally announced when the feature film based on its flagship franchise will be released. The bad news? It’s not going to be ready until 2016.

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The Force is with Angry Birds Star Wars. No, really.

You could be forgiven for thinking the combination of Angry Birds and Star Wars is little more than an unholy marketing union. The mash-up, on the surface, at least, has potential disaster written all over it.

But like peanut butter and chocolate, it turns out this pop-culture odd couple works great together, and is certain to delight fans of both franchises. Available today for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows and Mac computers, it could actually turn out to be the Angry Birds game you were looking for.

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Critics: ‘Bad Piggies’ is… not bad

Bad Piggies, Rovio’s first truly original game since Angry Birds, hits app stores everywhere today, putting the focus on the light-fingered, egg-loving pigs that have long tortured the feathered protagonists.

It’s a blend of familiar territory and new mechanics for the developer, blending well-known characters from its hit series with the building elements of Amazing Alex (the company’s rehashed version of Casey’s Contraptions that came out earlier this year). Players must build a craft out of the inventory they’re given at the start of each level to let the pigs complete their goal.

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When pigs fly: Angry Birds enemies get their own game

The archenemies of the Angry Birds are about to steal more than eggs.

They’re stealing the spotlight.

Rovio, creator of the massive bird-flinging franchise, has announced that its next game will be Bad Piggies, featuring the porcine antagonists in a new style of gameplay — one that will be entirely slingshot-free.

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