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App Review: Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story – Collector’s Edition HD

While the story in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story might not be the strongest in the app store, it does a masterful job of creating a spooky atmosphere that makes the story come alive.… Continue reading

Gone fishin’

I’m off to recharge my batteries for a week and see just how much sun this Irish-descended body can handle. Because I’m not the type who can unplug easily, I’ll be doing this… Continue reading

(Client update) Gamasutra joins the fold

Just a heads up that I’ve added to my client roster. I’ll be acting as an editor at large for the site, contributing a couple of stories each week that dig beyond… Continue reading

Innovation Lives Here

A review of the hot new technology products available todayindicates that tech companies are leading the charge to develop new systems that better protect merchants and their customers from data breaches. “From our… Continue reading

Who You Know and Who They Know

In a world where the demands for people’s attention grow exponentially, it’s hard to break through the noise, no matter how strong of a salesperson you are. And even if you do manage… Continue reading

And away we go…

I’ve never been a good self-promoter. I prefer to keep my head down and work, but one of the necessities of the freelance life is making sure your stories are read – and… Continue reading