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The man who started a $100 billion industry dies

Ralph Baer never meant to start a multibillion-dollar industry. He was just trying to get an idea out of his head and into the real world. That idea, which went on to become… Continue reading

Next generation video games start to shine in holiday 2014

While there’s an understandable excitement that surrounds the launch of new video game hardware, the real fun usually doesn’t start until a year or so after the systems hit store shelves. Last year’s… Continue reading

Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ effect: Hunting for the next game hit

In the Xbox universe, there’s “Halo” —and there’s everything else. The venerable franchise has sold more than 60 million copies to date and shows no signs of slowing down. While the Master Chief… Continue reading

Gaming’s ESRB turns 20

For the past two decades, if you’ve wanted to get a video game into Wal-Mart, Target or any other brick and mortar retailer, you’ve had to go through the Entertainment Software Ratings Board… Continue reading

Did a video game gun stop this home robbery?

Video games are often accused of causing violence, but in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they may have prevented it. According to multiple reports, a 24-year old man in the city’s Oakland neighborhood used a fake… Continue reading

Study: Chimpanzee is better at games than young kids

You may think your kindergartner is pretty proficient at Mario or Angry Birds, but we’ve got some sobering news. Your kid can’t hold a candle to Cheetah. A study in the American Journal of… Continue reading

Accepting your ‘Call of Duty,’ against a kid in Beijing

North American players started forgetting about the PlayStation 2 somewhere around the end of 2007. The PS3 had been out for a year by that point and Sony—and independent third-party game publishers—were focusing all… Continue reading

Why China Allowing Gaming Consoles Won’t Help Game Makers

Reports this week that China was considering lifting its 13-year ban on video game consoles sent shares of companies like Sony and Nintendo soaring. But as the euphoria wears off and the waiting period for the country’s… Continue reading

Crytek develops animation production tool

Crytek is a leader when it comes to graphics engines for videogames, but now it’s hoping to expand into film and TV. The developer, responsible for such tentpole games as “Far Cry” and… Continue reading

Is the Video Game Industry Dying?

E3 is usually the video game industry’s big party of the year — a chance to celebrate its strengths and showcase the titles it expects to drive sales forward for the rest of… Continue reading