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Another snow storm on the way, PlowTracker and SnowOps Viewer ride to the rescue

By any conceivable measure, it has been a particulary vicious winter across the U.S. Buffalo kicked things off with a 70-inch plus storm last November. Syracuse has seen snow continuously since Jan. 29.… Continue reading

Big Oil Drilling Deep on Connected Tech

Crude oil prices are plunging worldwide, a trend that shows no signs of reversing any time soon. While that’s good news for consumers, it’s leading to industry layoffs and scaled-back exploration. But one area… Continue reading

Next-Gen ATMs and More: What the Future Holds for Connected Banking

We all have unexpected expenses, like an untimely mechanic’s bill or a broken appliance that needs maintenance. But it’s not always obvious how we’ll pay those bills. But what if our bank could not… Continue reading

How New Microgrids Can Keep the Lights On During Winter Storms

Winters can be harsh in Potsdam, N.Y. Located near the Canadian border, the town averages 66 inches of snow per year — and spends nearly three months blanketed in an inch or more of the… Continue reading

Staying Ahead of Customer Problems in the Connected Device Era

It’s 3 a.m. one night during the holiday break, and a problem with a crucial piece of equipment escalates at an important customer’s warehouse. Not long ago, this would have been a three-alarm crisis… Continue reading

How Wired Cities Can Weather The Next Blizzard

A rare winter storm walloped Atlanta in late January, bringing the city to a standstill. Thousands of motorists found themselves stranded in their cars, while thousands more children spent the night in their… Continue reading

How Kids Are Being Taught to Be Architects of the IOE

There’s a learning curve that comes with creating next-generation IOE devices and services — and as they become a bigger part of our world, they’ll also force changes in how we educate and… Continue reading

The Future of Ultra-Connected Business Banking

Everyone has a fingerprint, a voiceprint and other identification methods — but an individual “financialprint,” enabled by the Internet of Everything, has the potential to accomplish more than making positive IDs. Financialprints, or… Continue reading

Six Sigma + IOE: Extreme Quality Assurance Is On the Horizon

Six Sigma has been a go-to management tool for manufacturers since Motorola developed it in the mid-1980s — and popularized later on by Jack Welch at General Electric. The methodology, which seeks to… Continue reading

Do You Drive a Jeep Wrangler? It’s Built By the World’s Smartest Industrial Robots

There are 246 robots putting together Jeep Wranglers and other vehicles in Toledo, Ohio. And they never shut up. The robots talk to each other. They talk to the other devices on the… Continue reading