Critics: ‘Bad Piggies’ is… not bad

Bad Piggies, Rovio’s first truly original game since Angry Birds, hits app stores everywhere today, putting the focus on the light-fingered, egg-loving pigs that have long tortured the feathered protagonists.

It’s a blend of familiar territory and new mechanics for the developer, blending well-known characters from its hit series with the building elements of Amazing Alex (the company’s rehashed version of Casey’s Contraptions that came out earlier this year). Players must build a craft out of the inventory they’re given at the start of each level to let the pigs complete their goal.

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‘Angry Birds’ team reveals next project

After flinging ticked off toucans at egg-stealing pigs for the past three years, the developers at Rovio are ready to spread their wings and fly away from the nest.

The creator of the massively successful Angry Birds franchise has a new game on the way, with nary a bird in sight.

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