Great Black Friday deals you can get with bitcoin

Not BitcoinBlackFridayevery Black Friday deal will require cash or credit cards. If you’re part of the bitcoin faithful, you can snag some great deals.

Now in its third year, “Bitcoin Black Friday” is an online shopping event, but one with a different flavor than Cyber Monday. Smaller merchants—and a handful of larger, well-known names that accept the digital currency—are offering special pricing on goods and services, which (in some cases) will beat the best deals of traditional retailers.


Get ready for Bitcoin Black Friday deals

Black BitcoinBFFriday is an event that has spawned all sorts of retail spin-offs.

First came Cyber Monday, a second bite at the apple from online retailers. Then there was the slow creep into Thanksgiving Day. Two years ago Bitcoin Black Friday made its debut, and it’s a holiday tradition that’s quickly gaining ground.


Is the porn industry overcoming its bitcoin shyness?

There’s Bitcoina saying in the technology world: If you want to know the next big thing, keep your eye on the porn industry.

Though retailers have begun to warm to bitcoin, however, adult entertainment companies have resisted accepting the virtual currency—even as revenues at many studios have plunged in recent years.


Stop those thieves—they have my bitcoins!

Bitcoin bitcoin theftmay offer a level of freedom that traditional currencies do not, but it’s hardly the most secure form of money.

Just as a pickpocket or mugger can rob you on the street, so a hacker can swipe your virtual money. And it can be much more difficult to recover stolen virtual cash than legal tender.


CNBC Explains: Bitcoin

Not 100630649-bitcoin-with-money-zach-copley-flickr.240x160too long ago, bitcoin was almost exclusively the legal tender of hackers. Today, thanks in part to the Cyprus bailout saga, it’s on the radars of investors everywhere.

While the digital currency has been around since 2009, it has largely stayed in the background—occasionally jumping onto people’s radars, but usually fading away just as fast.


What Is Bitcoin?

The dollar, euro and yen might be the primary language of currency traders today, but online, all the talk is about bitcoins.

The digital currency has been around for nearly two years now, but it burst onto the radar of the mainstream world in June, when Gawker published a story about an underground Website where you could trade the currency for illegal drugs. The chatter surrounding the story eventually faded, but a lot of people were left confused about bitcoins. What are they? How do they operate? And what, aside from illegal narcotics, can they be used for?