How do porn stars prepare for retirement?

Porn porn star retirementis an industry where retirement can come without warning.

Big-name performers sometimes choose to quit at the height of their fame, while others find the demand for their services has dwindled, as fickle fans move on to the next sensation. Many careers last less than three months, and those who stay in for more than five or six years are considered veterans.


Behind the scenes at the Adult Entertainment Expo

It’s AEE behind the scenesa Las Vegas ritual.

Every January, the adult entertainment industry converges on Sin City with its biggest stars in tow for the Adult Entertainment Expo. Tagging along are dozens of companies hoping to be the next big things in porn. And don’t forget the thousands of fans.


The economics of being an independent porn star

Until Indie porn starfairly recently, the business model for adult entertainment performers was simple: Agents handled their business arrangements, and that was that.

But as the industry consolidates and develops new outlets, a different kind of star is appearing—one in charge of her own destiny. Though independent players are still somewhat rare (agents continue to represent most performers), a few big names are starting to branch out on their own.


Selling sex in a plain vanilla world

While trojan vibratorsthe sex toy industry has seen much more acceptance in the past two years, it still has a way to go before it’s considered an everyday part of mainstream culture.

Securing shelf space in retail stores isn’t the herculean challenge it once was, but the makers of these adult novelties have to walk a fine line to ensure their products are identifiable, but not something that will cause a backlash among conservative shoppers.


Adult toymakers lust for ‘Fifty Shades’ movie

The fuzzy handcuffsimpact of “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the porn world is hard to overstate.

The explicit best seller sparked an interest in areas that were largely considered taboo at the time—resulting in a sizable interest in both DVDs that dealt with the subject of bondage and the multiple adult novelty accessories that are part of the culture.


Is the porn industry overcoming its bitcoin shyness?

There’s Bitcoina saying in the technology world: If you want to know the next big thing, keep your eye on the porn industry.

Though retailers have begun to warm to bitcoin, however, adult entertainment companies have resisted accepting the virtual currency—even as revenues at many studios have plunged in recent years.