Surprise! Duke Nukem Forever uncanceled, playable at PAX

Though the game has been presumed dead so many times you’d need an abacus to keep track, “Duke Nukem Forever” is very much alive – and he’s coming to store shelves soon.

Take Two Interactive Software pulled off one of the video game world’s biggest surprises Friday, announcing not only that the over-a-decade-in-development first person shooter was nearly finished, but backing that claim up by giving the 150,000 people attending the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle the chance to play the game.

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Pigs Fly: Duke Nukem Forever returns

There aren’t a lot of surprises in the video game world today. With the torent of leaks that comes from partners, publishers and developers, gamers rarely get that excitement that comes with a major, unexpected announcement – which makes today’s bombshell in Seattle all the more tasty. 

2K Games revealed the presumed-dead action game “Duke Nukem Forever” was not only alive, it was playable on the show floor – and it would be hitting stores next year. And jaws are still dragging.

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