Primed for a Wii-peat

The GameQWii U didn’t exactly light the world on fire when it made its grand debut at 2011’s E3 gaming expo. A year later, it still didn’t have the gaming faithful quivering in their fanboy boots. But now that the system is widely available, that old Nintendo magic could be brewing once again.

In the system’s first six days, Nintendo sold 400,000 units to eager consumers, who lined up early to grab a system – and eBay sellers were commanding a 40 percent premium for a Wii U. If all of this sounds familiar, it should: It’s reminiscent of the madness we saw when the original Wii went on sale in 2006.

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DejaQ – Devil May Cry

If GameQit weren’t for Dante and Trish, we might never have met Kratos.

When Devil My Cry debuted in 2001, it didn’t just start a new franchise for Capcom, it introduced a new genre to the video game industry. Blending frenetic combat with stylish moves and a smooth play mechanic, it opened the doors for titles like God of War, Bayonetta and the modern incarnation of Ninja Gaiden.

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