India’s Bollywood: Is It the Right Scene for Investors?

Less than 10 years ago, Bollywood was largely an industry confined to India. Today it has gone global.

The Indian diaspora in the U.S. and other countries has opened up new potential markets for studios — and the films’ unique approach to storytelling has made them a pop culture touchstone.

Typically, this widespread awareness would signal an investment opportunity for traders, but some people within the industry are urging caution.


10 Hot Indian Startups

In America, Silicon Valley is ground zero for startups. In India, it’s Bangalore.

The city in the southern region of the country is not only the hub of India’s technology sector, it’s also among the 10 most preferred cities globally among entrepreneurs, according to the Startup Genome Project. And Mumbai, along the country’s west coast, is number 20.


What the Indian Power Blackout Revealed

While India has seen annual economic growth of 8 percent and an educated, cheap workforce, the blackout that swept the country at the end of July — and the underlying infrastructure problems it exposed — is a glaring threat to the country’s economic expansion.

For two days 670 million people, roughly 10 percent of the world’s population, were left in the dark.

The incident confirmed the worst fears of many business leaders, experts say. And it could lead them to reconsider plans to bring new operations into India.