The next Hollywood-produced blockbuster: A start-up

As hollywoodtechnology and entertainment become more closely aligned, more big names in the film and television industries are launching Silicon Valley-like accelerators—short-term programs that include mentorship and education for start-ups—to get early looks at up-and-coming businesses.

Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros., along with Disney, have launched accelerators in the past few years, and more are on the way, giving entrepreneurs who focus on the entertainment space a potential head start as their businesses begin to gain traction.


How to turn a hobby into a career, without regrets

Not freehouse breweryevery entrepreneur wants to build a multimillion-dollar company. Some just want to live the dream of transforming a hobby into a career.

It’s an idea that sounds great in theory: Take something you love to do in your spare time and make it your sole business focus. And for some it works out swimmingly—it may even finally convince a spouse that there was a method to the madness behind all those bills piling up over the years for what seemed like a frivolous basement activity. For others, making the move from hobby to Hobby Inc. can prove to be a hasty decision and major life regret.


Next Year’s Top 20 Startups

During the first nine months of 2012, venture capitalists closed just shy of 2,700 deals with entrepreneurs, investing nearly $20 million, according to the National Venture Capital Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the top deals (those boasting investments of $25 million or more) are in the software category, but biotech and medical devices/equipment are both putting in strong showings this year.

Here’s a look at the startups that landed the most venture capital funding through the end of the third quarter — and are now poised to be the hottest young tech companies of 2013.


11 Entrepreneurs Teaching the Next Generation

Ask any entrepreneur about the most valuable asset a startup owner can have and the answer will nearly always be “a mentor.”

While the details of the startup world change constantly, there are a number of patterns that remain consistent — and there’s no better way to navigate those than the counsel of someone who has been there.


The Immigrant Exodus: Will the US Run Out of Entrepreneurs?

The U.S. has been ground zero for technological advancement for years— especially with the rise of the Internet. But entrepreneurial experts are sounding the warning bell that those days might be numbered.

Silicon Valley is still the heart of the tech world, but foreign-born entrepreneurs, who traditionally have moved to the U.S. to start their companies (or stayed here after attending American universities), are now opting instead to return home, in large part because of the difficulty in obtaining a work visa.


10 Hot Indian Startups

In America, Silicon Valley is ground zero for startups. In India, it’s Bangalore.

The city in the southern region of the country is not only the hub of India’s technology sector, it’s also among the 10 most preferred cities globally among entrepreneurs, according to the Startup Genome Project. And Mumbai, along the country’s west coast, is number 20.


Secrets of Venture Capitalists

There is no game with higher financial stakes than the one venture capitalists play every day.

A ceaseless flood of hungry entrepreneurs are constantly knocking on the door, seeking funding to help their business advance to the next level and succeed. The most frequently used word in the VC vocabulary is “no” but the real trick to the job is figuring out when to say “yes”.


Building a Great Start-Up Culture

The early days of a start-up throw a lot at entrepreneurs.

There’s cash flow to worry about. There’s staffing. There are often patents or leases to secure. It’s easy for tasks to slip through the cracks. All too often, though, the first to do so is serious thought about the company’s culture.


Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur who breaks away from the pack deals with doubts and setbacks. And every company that succeeds has to tweak its business plan along the way — sometimes completely reversing course.

While there’s no single secret to success, a big key in attaining it is knowing exactly when to pivot. And successful entrepreneurs recognize these “ah ha!” moments when they encounter them.


Entrepreneurs and the Retirement Trap

The dream of running your own business can be a powerful one. Unfortunately, it sometimes blinds people to the world’s ugly realities.

The odds of success aren’t great, of course — but even first time entrepreneurs know that on some level. Startlingly few of the ones who do make it think forward to their golden years, however, which could present a big problem when they’re ready to retire.