‘Madden’ sales fall 40 percent from last year

This madden-25-salesisn’t the sort of anniversary present EA was hoping for.

The publisher is touting the 25th edition of Madden NFL as the best-selling game of August (something NPD is likely to verify next week), saying internal numbers show it sold one million unitsin its first week on store shelves.

The problem? Last year’s version sold 1.65 million in that same period. That represents a 40 percent falloff. In turn, EA’s stocks took a dip on Friday.

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Critics: Madden 25 stumbles, but scores

EA’s madden-25-reviewsMadden franchise has been a fixture in the gaming world for over two decades, boasting a fan base and lifetime sales that any publisher would envy.

The 25th anniversary edition of the flagship sports title hits shelves today, and while the franchise faithful have likely once again come down with a case of the Madden flu to spend time with the game, critics have had a bit more time to dissect it.

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Madden creator awarded $11 million in suit against EA

The madden-antonick-lawsuit-top630original programmer of the first Madden football game is $11 million richer today, thanks to a jury ruling in U.S. District Court — and there could be much more money on the way.

Robin Antonick claimed that his code, which was used in the original 1988 version of the franchise, was subsequently used in later versions of the game without his knowledge. He took EA to court in 2011 to sue for royalties and interest, originally in the amount of $16 million.

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